About us

Learning to the Max seeks to make Physical Science clear and understandable, helping learners to achieve according to their potential and making complex concepts simple and engaging.

About the Team Leader

Judy McDougall has a BSc degree, a Higher Diploma in Education and English III. In 2016 she obtained a certificate in Science Communication through Stellenbosch University, which she passed Cum Laude. She has spent many years teaching FET Physical Science, creating and editing learning material and giving extra lessons. She is passionate about Physical Science and has a love for young people, wanting each of them to reach their potential and have hope for a meaningful future.

Our Background

Learning to the Max was founded in 2008, by Judy and Ian McDougall. The initial vision was to create learning material for Physical Science FET phase.  Some video material was created for Grade 12 Waves, Sound and Light.

The next project was to create an app for learners to practice their Maths and Physical Science on cell phone or PC. The combination of Judy’s background as an FET Physical Science and Mathematics teacher and Ian’s ability to manage and create software was the ideal platform for the birth of QuizMax. For some time QuizMax was provided free of charge on the then popular social media platform MXit. Over 275 000 users made use of it, and many testimonies of academic improvement came through as feedback. The QuizMax app has since been incorporated into many other projects in school support as well as school sport management. Learning to the Max has worked closely with GATEmobile  (soon to be called Young Africa Technologies, a division of Young Africa Holdings) in implementing these projects.

All this time Judy also made use of her talents by giving extra classes, creating learning material for various clients and by editing textbooks and other material. In 2010 an opportunity arose to work with sponsorship of Denel Dynamics on training teachers and in 2011 Learning to the Max took on the project of running a Saturday School assisting learners from Olievenhoutbosch with Mathematics and Physical Science, also sponsored by Denel Dynamics.

Judy and Ian remain passionate about education, especially in under-resourced communities.