Saturday Schools

Saturday School

Where we come from

In 2011, Learning to the Max took over the Saturday morning Mathematics and Physical Science enrichment programme sponsored by Denel Dynamics. Eighty learners have been selected each year from two schools in Olievenhoutbosch, west of Pretoria, Steve Tshwete Secondary School and Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School. The aim is to have some of these learners enter the Denel Dynamics Engineering bursary programme, and also to uplift the community by supporting the teachers and the learners. The learners involved have shown great improvement in their performance at school, and it has become a matter of great prestige to be one of those selected to join the programme.


Our achievements

So far, three learners have been awarded Denel Dynamics bursaries to study engineering, and many others have gone on to study for other careers, with bursaries from other institutions.

In 2017, four Gr 11 learners won the Sci-Bono Rocketry Competition held in April. They first attended four days of workshops, in which they learned all about the Science of Rocketry and built their rockets. The fifth day was the launch day to see whose rocket could go the highest. To the delight of Zinhle Boyana (Olieven SS),  Faith Moruti (Steve Tshwete SS),  Nthatuoa   Ncheke (Olieven SS) and Irvine Makwinja (Olieven SS), their rocket went the highest, a whopping 1200m!

Our team

A stable team of five professional teachers has formed the foundation of the teaching staff.

  • Ms Judy McDougall (FET Physical Science)

  • Mrs Mantse Khoza (FET Mathematics)

  • Mr Scott Stevens (Senior phase and FET Mathematics)

  • Mr Justin Cook (Senior phase and FET Mathematics)

  • Mrs Elzaan Cook (Senior phase and FET Mathematics, and professional education psychologist)

  • New addition to the team in 2017 has been Mrs Emarie Schoonraad (FET Physical Science).

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